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Thu 06 March 2014

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I have recently been asked to help out with the Geospatial Data in Science track for SciPy 2014 in Austin, Texas this coming July. The conference is being held at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center at the University of Texas campus in Austin, Texas from July 6th to 12th 2014. It promises to be an awesome gathering of scientific Python users, developers, and organizations. You can checkout the conference announcement on the SciPy 2014 website, where you can register to submit a proposal and/or abstract, and generally find out all about the SciPy community and conference.

I’m really excited about the conference, especially because the two main Specialized Tracks (which run parallel to the main conference) for the conference this year are Scientific Computing in Education and Geospatial Data in Science; both topics near and dear to my heart! In particular, the geospatial track “will focus on libraries, tools and techniques for processing Geospatial data of all types and for all purposes — from low-volume to high-volume, local and global”. Cool stuff!

In addition to these two specialized tracks, we have Domain-specific Mini-symposia which you might be interested in:

Introduced in 2012, mini-symposia are held to discuss scientific computing applied to a specific scientific domain/industry during a half afternoon after the general conference. Their goal is to promote industry specific libraries and tools, and gather people with similar interests for discussions.

Mini-symposia on the following topics will take place this year:

  • Astronomy and astrophysics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Geophysics
  • Vision, Visualization, and Imaging
  • Computational Social Science and Digital Humanities
  • Engineering

If you decide to submit an abstract, be sure to select Geospatial Data in Science as your “Topic Track”. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. And don’t forget, submission deadline is March 14th, 2014!

Important Dates

  • March 14th: Presentation abstracts, poster, tutorial submission deadline. Application for sponsorship deadline.
  • April 17th: Speakers selected
  • April 22nd: Sponsorship acceptance deadline
  • May 1st: Speaker schedule announced
  • May 6th: Early-bird registration ends (or after 150 registrants)
  • July 6-12th: 2 days of tutorials, 3 days of conference, 2 days of sprints

Hope to see you in Austin!


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