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Visitors to  from 2009 to 2011


This project uses the excellent D3 JavaScript library to visualise visitor traffic to . It is really just a learning tool for me, and most of the functionality is based on examples from the D3 website. For more information about the graphic, how the original static version was created, and the inspiration behind the graphic, see this blog post.


Mouse-over the individual hexagonal grids to view the county, major city, and total number of visits at that location. You can also mouse-over a given class in the legend to highlight all grids within that particular range.

Some technical details:

The IP addresses were geocoded using the Data Science Toolkit API via the RDSTK R package, and all data processing and manipulation was done using the R statistical programming language. Additionally, the colour scheme functionality comes from slide 25 of this presentation, and uses the sequential colour palettes from Finaly, this handy info dialog comes curtesy of this blog.

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