1. Postdocs and Lectureships at St Andrews

    Thu 08 November 2012

    The Centre for GeoInformatics (CGI) at the University of St Andrews in Scotland has the following open positions:

    1. Lectureship in Geoinformatics, permanent position, application DL 21 Dec 2012
    2. Postdoctoral researcher in Geoinformatics, preferably Visual Analytics/Visualization (three year fixed post, application DL 7 Dec 2012)
    3. Postdoctoral researcher in Geoinformatics (two year fixed post, application DL 21 Dec 2012)

    In addition, there are three lectureships open at the Department of Geography & Sustainable Development in which CGI is located:

    1. Two lectureships in Environmental Geography
    2. Lectureship in Human Geography

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