Cross-browser iframe scaling

Mon 06 August 2012

This is just a quick post to document an annoyance (and solution) that I’ve recently discovered when trying to scale a webpage embedded in another page using an iframe. When trying to come up with a nice way to embed this page inside this page, I found that webkit based browsers were not behaving as they should. After a lot of fiddling about, I discovered that the following css seems to fix the issues:

#wrap {  
    width: 630px;
    height: 300px;
    padding: 0;
    overflow: hidden;
#frame {  
    -ms-zoom: 0.5;
    -ms-transform-origin: 0 0;
    -moz-transform: scale(0.5);
    -moz-transform-origin: 0px 50px;
    -o-transform: scale(0.5);
    -o-transform-origin: 0px 50px;
    -webkit-transform: scale(0.5);
    -webkit-transform-origin: 0 0;
#frame {
    width: 1230px;
    height: 530px;
    overflow: hidden;

Note that if instead of -ms-zoom you use zoom, webkit browsers seem to ‘double scale’ everything, which turned out to be the root of my problem. With the above tweaks, everything works fine (for now) using the following HTML:

<div id="wrap">
    <iframe id="frame" src=""></iframe>

Hopefully this post will save someone (or me in the future) some frustration and time. The above fix was cobbled together based on suggestions from here (see answers from Kip, lxs, and r3cgm).


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