manageR and rpy2 installation problems

Sat 06 October 2012

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time recently to update or work on manageR, but I’m hoping that will change in the next few months… Having said that, there are quite a few people out there that have been having trouble installing manageR (and the required rpy2) on their system to get things working at all! I have had some individuals provide possible fixes and suggestions on how to get things working properly on various platforms, and I’m going to use this post to amalgamate them, and hopefully create a one stop post for all your rpy2 and manageR needs. I’m also hoping that people will post potential fixes in the comments to help others with more specific problems? For now, I have the following potential fix for OSX (Lion 10.7.2 at least):

  1. Update R to latest version (binary from;
  2. Reinstall QGIS (Kyngchaos installer);
  3. Reinstall GDAL_complete (Kyngchaos again);
  4. Reinstall rpy2 (latter via pip)
  5. Reboot…

Apparently the (potential) problem is actually related to previous R builds, where symlinks were referring to the wrong location. This potential fix is courtesy of this Stackexchange thread

Ok, so does anyone else have some suggestions to get things working on Windows? Perhaps someone out there has a Windows build they’d like to share? As far as I know (i.e., it works for me), things are working fine on Linux, but if someone else has a different experience, please share in the comments.

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