Paper published in Marine Policy

Wed 20 March 2013

An article I worked on with Dr Tim Stojanovic, “The development of world oceans & coasts and concepts of sustainability”, has recently been published online, with the journal Marine Policy. The article can be cited as:

Stojanovic T. & Farmer C. J. Q., (2013) The development of world oceans & coasts and concepts of sustainability. Marine Policy 42 157-165

I am particularly excited about this article because it marks a major shift from any previous work that I’ve been involved with, and is aimed directly at the world of policy - something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Additionally, the data that we used for this paper provides enumerable avenues for further research and questions, so hopefully this paper is the first in a series of collaborative works with Dr. Stojanovic… stay tuned for more to come!

If you would like a copy of the paper but do not have access to the article online, please contact me and I will forward you a PDF version. The DOI for the paper is:


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