Interdisciplinary Workshop on Geospatial Computing

Thu 30 October 2014

Geospatial Computing Workshop

Hey all, I’ll be running a half-day workshop on Geospatial Computing with Python at the upcoming Interdisciplinary Workshop on Geospatial Computing (IWGC-2014) on November 20-21, 2014 at TheMuseum, Kitchener, Ontario. Its going to be a really great event, with lots of experts in the field of geospatial computing. It is particularly relevant to students who have an interest in geospatial computing.

Organizers: Colin Robertson (Laurier), Graham Taylor (Guelph), Rob Feick (Waterloo)

We invite participants to an Interdisciplinary Workshop on Geospatial Computing. The workshop is aimed broadly at bringing together disparate communities working with geospatial tools and data. We invite participants from academia (faculty, postdocs, grad students), industry (geospatial developers, data scientists, GIS analysts), and government to connect and share knowledge.

  • Day 1 of the workshop will include invited talks from researchers from a variety of disciplines including engineering, statistics, ecology, geography, and information science. The day will conclude with a panel discussion and networking event.
  • Day 2 will include hands-on interactive sessions so participants are encouraged to bring laptops and follow along. The day will conclude with a poster session and industry networking event which will include product demos and research posters.

Our list of speakers includes: Krista Amolins (Esri Canada) Jennifer Baltzer (Laurier) Andrew Davidson (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) Carson Farmer (CUNY) Bahram Gharabaghi (Guelph) Steve Grise (vertex3) Dan Gillis (Guelph) Nicole Rabe (OMAFRA) Tarmo Remmel (York) Martin Sykora (Loughborough) Matthew Tenney (McGill)

Participation: Open to all.

Participants should register for the specific day or days they are interested in attending. We also encourage participants (especially grad students) to submit a poster abstract and present a poster during the session on the afternoon of Nov 21. Poster abstracts can be submitted via the registration page or can be emailed directly

The deadline for poster abstract submissions is November 8th.

Cost: Totally Free!

Space is limited for this event. We hope to see you in November!


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