Python Resources for QGIS Users

Tue 18 March 2014

There’s a discussion thread on the QGIS LinkedIn Group page about Python tutorials and resources. There were a few good suggestions, so I thought I’d share these with others. It starts with a very common question from a GIS (or any software that supports scripting) user:

I’m a real ‘end-user’ of qgis and I want to improve my skills a little… I’ve found many python tutorials online but I don’t know which are any good. Can anyone point me to some good resources?

The responses were useful, but not exhaustive:

  • The PyQGIS Programmer’s Guide:
  • PyQGIS developer cookbook:
  • Geoprocessing with Python using FOSS GIS:
  • 10 Resources to Learn Python Programming Language:

Do you have another suggestion? Please sound off in the comments below!

[UPDATE]: I’ve added a link to resources for learning Python in general, very useful and comprehensive list. Check it out!


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